Saturday, July 2, 2011

I ran today!!

I ran today!!
 Well I power walked mostly, but I forced myself to do little sprints and even though i felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest I did it and I felt great. Of course then I ate a turkey burger with cheese, but I'm still excited about my jog :) 
I'm looking forward to mass tomorrow I feel like it's been decades since I received communion even though it was last Sunday. I'm hungry for the Lord! I need that spiritual pick me up. I should have gone to adoration today, but the day zoomed by. I got the car cleaned that's a pretty huge accomplishment. Well now off to hang out with the youth group. That's another new journey the Big guy started me on. Tell you more about that later. 

Ok let's pray:

Holy Spirit guide us in all instances, in every choice we make, in our interactions with others. Transform us day by day and set a fire burning in our hearts so that we may always seek the things from above and so that we may not get lost in the nonsense of this world. I pray in the name that is above all names, Christ Jesus, amen.