Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Job interview tomorrow!

So i have a job interview tomorrow. I'm very excited. God works in mysterious ways. I've been unemployed before and have gone on many many interviews, but this time the interview/job search process has been interesting. I find myself going to multiple interviews at the same companies. I might get rejected for one position, but then be considered for a different one. I find it interesting. I'm very ready to start working soon and I trust in God that He'll put me on the right path towards something great :) One thing I've learned in the fashion interview biz is that you dress for the company your interviewing at. I suppose that can apply to other industries as well.  In general for the fashion industry you tend to be a little trendier than you would be for a say an interview at a bank or firm. I'm not sure what I'm gonna wear tomorrow, but my basic staple is black pencil skirt with a colorful top. I've also found that bright colors help you to stand out. Of course you don't wanna over do it, so less is more, that's the rule lol. I was playing around with ideas for interview outfits and I found some sassy stuff online hee hee. Ahh well God willing tomorrow will be great and i'll be working soon. God bless and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

1. Apostrophe bangles
2. Leopard pencil skirt from Torrid
3. Lace sweater top from Torrid
4. Lucky Brand leather handbag
5.OlsenHaus peep toe pump
6. Stainless steel watch from Seiko

Monday, March 14, 2011

Creating and sticking to your To Do List

To Do Lists are a great tool to planning and staying focused throughout your day. I started making lists a long while ago, however I’ve never been great at sticking to them. Recently though I’ve started making more of an effort to jotting important tasks down and completely them. I am the queen of procrastination and time-wasting. If you look up procrastination in the dictionary I’m sure you’ll find a note about me somewhere. Very bad habits to have, so I’m trying to kick them. I’m praying about it, but I’m also putting in the effort. 
Today I woke up late which I tend to do and then when this happens my day somehow automatically becomes unproductive. However I did not let that happen today. I tried as much as I could to stick to my Monday to do list.  I make my to do list for each day the night before. I learned this from an old supervisor I had at my old job. She would carry a small spiral notepad everywhere she went and she would always be jotting stuff down then she would cross things off as she completed those tasks. So today’s to do list read like this:

TO DO List  Monday 3/14/2011

Let Vinny out 
Take Vinny to the park 
Clean in progress
Flat sketching/ set up online portfolio sketching time planned for later tonight
Job search
Book time/ Bible time reading time planned for later tonight

Yes i even jot down little things like let Vinny out. I dunno why, I guess just to micro manage myself lol. There were some things I didn’t do, like go to the gym, but I still feel satisfied that I had a productive day and that’s really the point, getting yourself in gear and making progress  I’ve already written up my to do list for tomorrow and hopefully I’ll stick to it more closely than today‘s. There’s always things that add themselves to the day, but that’s part of life. Always move forward and be productive! So if you don’t already, I invite you to start making to do lists for yourself, and see how much more you can get done! I especially recommend it if like me, you tend to procrastinate about things, or get distracted and waste the day with unimportant stuff. Well have a lovely evening all and I wish you a very productive and blessed Tuesday.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Turn that frown upside down

So I went to puppy school with the fur kid today and our trainer was half an hour late. However, what blew me away slightly, was how depressed he seemed when he walked through the door. He literally sucked the energy from the room. He’s normally a relatively peppy guy, but he’s been on the down side lately and today you could really tell. I felt the urge to ask if he was ok, but I didn’t want to do it in front of the class and he doesn’t seem the type to get into personal convo with his clients so I left it alone, I’m definitely putting him on my prayer list though. It made me stop and think about how transparent we can be with our emotions. 
I remember growing up my mom would constantly tell me to stop frowning. She would always say I looked angry. I wasn’t angry, I would tell her. At least I didn’t feel angry at the time. I also had a friend in high school tell me once that whenever I was walking down the hall I looked like I wanted to punch somebody. Those types of comments upset me a bit, but my body was just expressing all the bad stuff that was inside me. When I finally let God into my life as an adult, He healed me from all the resentment, hate, self pity, and so many other things that I wasn’t even aware of, He healed me and the change started showing in my attitude and curious enough, on my face! “You look so joyful now” my uncle said to me the first time I went to Mexico after living my first retreat. He said this to me without knowing I had gone to a retreat at all. I was now reflecting a positive me. I look back at old pictures and I look younger now even than before. I still catch myself from time to time with a frowny face, because we all have our bad days and life isn’t perfect, I do try though to smile as much as I can and I ask God to help me reflect love and not reflect anything negative. You’re more attractive to people when you smile. You’re more inviting as a whole and people tend to approach you when you look like a friendly person. So there’s your homework. If you catch yourself frowning more than beaming, ask the Big guy to fill your heart with his Holy Spirit so that you can shine light wherever you go and not spread darkness. Amen! Hope you all have a blessed Sunday :D

Monday, March 7, 2011

Job Fair, Illustration and Lent!!

So many things have happened. Well I went to this pretty cool job fair last week at the Cal-Mart in downtown L.a. and met lots of cool people in the fashion biz. I tend to be on the quiet side so this was a big deal for me, networking and talking to folks :D Also I had a few AHA moments. I decided to embrace some things that I had sort of battled with before, therefore creating angst which is not good, but seeing things ina  different light made me see myself and my talents in a different light. So I left with high spirits and new direction for my career. I decided to put myself out there as an Illustrator and I got lots of positive feedback which is awesome. So I am not going to waste my talents anymore and i am nurturing and putting more energy into my drawing time :D Sample of my work below. Can you guess who the inspiration is?

Ahh and also Lent starts this Wednesday. What does that mean? It means more time spent in prayer, adoration, Bible time, more time with Jesus in general. My heart needs some alone time with the big guy.Oh and giving up internet for lent cause I spent too much time here, except of course for job search and faith fortifying related searches lol. Happy Lent!