My Bucket List

List last edited on 10.27.2013
-Life's an adventure-

Read the whole Bible in progress
Get to 160 lbs
Get a permanent ministry at Church again 
Give up soda 
Give up coffee 
Learn to play guitar
Take a tailoring class
Join a crochet club 
Find an informal Bible Study group with cool hip people like me lol 
Have a vegetable garden
Learn how to cook in progress
Work with a Children's book editor or publisher/Be a Childrens' book illustrator
Host a fancy dinner party
Go have bbq in a southern state
Have amazing skin
Have amazing hair
Take a road trip with my hubby (when I get one)
Host a children's tea party
Take photography class
Read about the life of St. Therese and St. Francis
Spend an afternoon at the Scrapbook cafe
Be a work-at-home mom (when I have kids that is)
Garlic Fest in Gilroy, Ca
Avocado Fest in Carpinteria, ca
Visit a winery
Go white water rafting
Visit the Grand Canyon
Learn how to play Poker
Get better at Chess
Watch sea turtles hatch and run for the ocean
Visit all the beautiful beaches of the world(Cancun check! Oahu check!)
Attend daily mass
See the day when ab is illegal