Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miracle of Miracles...God's Love

It's quite amazing how much God loves us, that in moments of distress He comes to the rescue immediately like a superhero in the movies, only He is real as is His love. We can very easily detach ourselves from Christ. It's very easy to simply put our bible on the book shelf and forget about it when everything's going great in your life and you have no worries, no stresses. This of course happens when our faith is luke warm, because when our faith is firm and our love for God is tattooed in our hearts then nothing should distract us. Time and time again I experience God's amazing love for me, and it makes me sad to realize that my love for Him is warm, when it should be hot as fire, but I desire in my heart to fall more deeply in love with Christ so that I will be not so easily set off the path. So my prayer for myself and for all you out there, is that God in his merciful and endless love, help us to grow stronger in our love for Him and to always turn to Him in good times and bad. That we always be grateful at every moment for all he gives us, and that our only desire be to follow Him and love Him, and do His will. Amen.

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