Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas is over

First of all I hope everybody had a blessed Christmas. I had a nice Christmas dinner with my friend's on the 23rd and then dinner with my family on the 24th, Midnight Mass with my dad which was wonderful, and then another family get together with more family on the 25th, so I feel pretty blessed that it was such a nice experience. So now it's done with, very quickly it seems to me and I actually feel a little sad although I know Jesus is here to stay, he wasn't just born and it's all done with on the 25th. He came into the world and chose to stay with us in the gift of the Holy Spirit and the Eucharist. Today I saw a blogger write "Christmas is over, thankgod" a co-worker also expressed she was glad Christmas was done with because she did not have a good one. Here I'm thinking, how is it possible for people to be glad Christmas is over? Definitely missing the whole point of Christmas, that we celebrate the birth and coming of our Lord Christ. Well I for one am asking the child Jesus to stay in my heart and help me to grow in love and faith, so that next Christmas God willing, I will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of what we celebrate.

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