Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ode to the Rain

We've had some gloomy rainy weather here in Socal. It is known far and wide that people here do not know what real weather is, therefore we get panicked with mild raindrops. So me , L.a. girl that I am, busted out the heavy duty rain boots, cause you never know with them crazy puddles out there!  I wore my daddy's rain boots today :)
They are incredibly comfy (cause they're a little big on me, can I get an "awww") and they make me happy. I never had rain boots when I was a kid, so maybe it's one of those things lol. 
if you're interested, click here
Ooh! Pink!
Pink Fessura rain boots @ Endless.

Aww these are sweet!

Stuart Weitzman also @ Endless

And of course you'll need an umbrella...
Clear bubble umbrella here

Might as well get something for the furbaby lol
So cute @ Amazon
too much adorableness  :)


  1. rain clothering! oh i love it :D
    I love the pink wellingtons who are transparent - then you can wear colorful socks XD


  2. Right! :) Thanks for commenting!