Monday, March 7, 2011

Job Fair, Illustration and Lent!!

So many things have happened. Well I went to this pretty cool job fair last week at the Cal-Mart in downtown L.a. and met lots of cool people in the fashion biz. I tend to be on the quiet side so this was a big deal for me, networking and talking to folks :D Also I had a few AHA moments. I decided to embrace some things that I had sort of battled with before, therefore creating angst which is not good, but seeing things ina  different light made me see myself and my talents in a different light. So I left with high spirits and new direction for my career. I decided to put myself out there as an Illustrator and I got lots of positive feedback which is awesome. So I am not going to waste my talents anymore and i am nurturing and putting more energy into my drawing time :D Sample of my work below. Can you guess who the inspiration is?

Ahh and also Lent starts this Wednesday. What does that mean? It means more time spent in prayer, adoration, Bible time, more time with Jesus in general. My heart needs some alone time with the big guy.Oh and giving up internet for lent cause I spent too much time here, except of course for job search and faith fortifying related searches lol. Happy Lent!