Sunday, March 13, 2011

Turn that frown upside down

So I went to puppy school with the fur kid today and our trainer was half an hour late. However, what blew me away slightly, was how depressed he seemed when he walked through the door. He literally sucked the energy from the room. He’s normally a relatively peppy guy, but he’s been on the down side lately and today you could really tell. I felt the urge to ask if he was ok, but I didn’t want to do it in front of the class and he doesn’t seem the type to get into personal convo with his clients so I left it alone, I’m definitely putting him on my prayer list though. It made me stop and think about how transparent we can be with our emotions. 
I remember growing up my mom would constantly tell me to stop frowning. She would always say I looked angry. I wasn’t angry, I would tell her. At least I didn’t feel angry at the time. I also had a friend in high school tell me once that whenever I was walking down the hall I looked like I wanted to punch somebody. Those types of comments upset me a bit, but my body was just expressing all the bad stuff that was inside me. When I finally let God into my life as an adult, He healed me from all the resentment, hate, self pity, and so many other things that I wasn’t even aware of, He healed me and the change started showing in my attitude and curious enough, on my face! “You look so joyful now” my uncle said to me the first time I went to Mexico after living my first retreat. He said this to me without knowing I had gone to a retreat at all. I was now reflecting a positive me. I look back at old pictures and I look younger now even than before. I still catch myself from time to time with a frowny face, because we all have our bad days and life isn’t perfect, I do try though to smile as much as I can and I ask God to help me reflect love and not reflect anything negative. You’re more attractive to people when you smile. You’re more inviting as a whole and people tend to approach you when you look like a friendly person. So there’s your homework. If you catch yourself frowning more than beaming, ask the Big guy to fill your heart with his Holy Spirit so that you can shine light wherever you go and not spread darkness. Amen! Hope you all have a blessed Sunday :D

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