Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Job interview tomorrow!

So i have a job interview tomorrow. I'm very excited. God works in mysterious ways. I've been unemployed before and have gone on many many interviews, but this time the interview/job search process has been interesting. I find myself going to multiple interviews at the same companies. I might get rejected for one position, but then be considered for a different one. I find it interesting. I'm very ready to start working soon and I trust in God that He'll put me on the right path towards something great :) One thing I've learned in the fashion interview biz is that you dress for the company your interviewing at. I suppose that can apply to other industries as well.  In general for the fashion industry you tend to be a little trendier than you would be for a say an interview at a bank or firm. I'm not sure what I'm gonna wear tomorrow, but my basic staple is black pencil skirt with a colorful top. I've also found that bright colors help you to stand out. Of course you don't wanna over do it, so less is more, that's the rule lol. I was playing around with ideas for interview outfits and I found some sassy stuff online hee hee. Ahh well God willing tomorrow will be great and i'll be working soon. God bless and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

1. Apostrophe bangles
2. Leopard pencil skirt from Torrid
3. Lace sweater top from Torrid
4. Lucky Brand leather handbag
5.OlsenHaus peep toe pump
6. Stainless steel watch from Seiko

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  1. Great blog and I hope you got the job.
    God bless